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Kyanite Mining Corporation
30 Willis Mountain Lane Dillwyn, VA 23936
USA Phone: 434.983.2085
Fax: 434.983.4342

Human Resources:
Lakshmi Bertram, Human Resources Manager

Sales:  Virginia Kyanite™ and Virginia Mullite™
Hank Jamerson, Vice President Sales and Marketing
Phone: 434.983.2043
Fax: 434.983.3579

Dilip C. Jain, Vice President Technology and Asia Sales
Cell: 434.390.4400

Ceramic Engineer:
Steven Ashlock
Office: 434.983.4370
Cell: 816.392.4562

Barry Jones, Vice President Operations

Customer Service:
Domestic: 434.983.4328
International: 434.983.4326

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Kyanite Mining Corporation • 30 Willis Mountain Plant Lane, Dillwyn, VA  23936  USA • Phone 434.983.2085 • Fax 434.983.4342

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