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environmental reclamationWith generations of experience, Kyanite Mining Corporation has the knowledge and tools it needs to rise to any challenge nature or industry presents.

We want to leave to our children and grandchildren an environment that is equal to or better than what we inherited, and our environmental stewardship has earned us several national awards. We work to restore mined land to cogeese flyingnditions that enhance the ecological soundness of the area for miles and miles around. Because this mountain is our home, our livelihood and our legacy.

The Baker Mountain mine was Kyanite Mining Corp.’s first mine and mineral processing plant. This facility was an active kyanite mine from the early 1920’s until the late 1970’s, when mining activities were discontinued. Baker Mountain has been transformed into a land reclamation showpiece.

butterflyWhere  once could be seen an active quarry, today a beautiful field and pasture exist. An area that was once used as the plant’s process water area has been transformed into over twenty acres of wetlands and recently won the National Mine Reclamation Award. Today, both of these areas are teaming with wildlife and are a testament to nature’s resilience when placed in the hands of a responsible corporate citizen.

Kyanite Mining Corporation plans to restore the original plant structures and open the entire facility to the public as a mining museum and environmental education center.

“We take pride in the way we manage our natural resources. We strongly believe that our mission is to provide our customers a consistent, high-quality product that is produced in an environmentally-friendly way.”

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